Thursday, 5 February 2009


First blog EVER!

We played our first gig under Youves at the Rainbow Warehouse in Birmingham, here is a review of the gig from The Fly Magazine:

Scarlet Harlots
Rainbow Warehouse, Birmingham

"...Luckily for
Youves, their punk-house is sturdy and pulsing enough to keep the party going long after the Harlots have raised the roof. Yes, they are guilty of concentrating on groove over hooks a little too often but the propulsion of their Gang Of Four attacking The Rapture with a rusty breadknife-like guitar, awkward disco and lashings of cow bell is nigh on hypnotising.
It’s a feast of pleasure and pain leaving the listener with pangs of anxiety when the music stops like some kind of jibbering 4/4 addict.
‘On Probation’ is a slab of fight or flight heebie-jeebies while it is probably only legal to actually listen to ‘Wolfgang Bang’ in licensed record shops in Amsterdam. It’s a massive, lubed-up ear dildo of a song and it nearly makes The Fly climax tonight, bringing a whole new meaning to the term; ‘banging tune’...

here are some pictures from the show!

(pic credits: Andy Wooten)

Thank you Andy Robert's 

we've been writing a lot since the new year, finished a new song today, which is sounding very, very murky! you'll be able to hear it very soon...

the release date to our Holy Roar debut E.P CD, 'Cardiovascular', has been announced for the 4th of May, with some very special guests to help celebrate it! more will be revealed soon!

in the meantime please check out a few of these ace bands and you'll understand why think they're great:


There new album 'Adventuring' is one the years first awesome releases! so good, plus there touring with the also fantastic Dananananaykroyd, so expect to hear a lot from soon!

Holy State

New signing to our very own Holy Roar Records...pure grit and groove! if you dig Transistor Transistor, Hot Snakes'll love these, really doing there sound justice!